Our cooperative

On October 7, 2020 nearly 40 Berliners gathered to formally found our cooperative: SuperCoop Berlin eG.

You can read our bylaws (Satzung)Unfortunately we do not have an English translation available at the moment (but we are working on it!) We recommend using Deepl to translate if needed. If you have any questions, please write us: contact@supercoop.de.

Want to join in? Come to an Info-Session where you can learn more and get a registration form to officially become a member!

Our Governance Structure


All members are invited to meet for our General Assembly and/or Plena. This is where we make collective decisions about our coop’s policies. Each member gets one vote, regardless of the number of shares they have.


Members choose the Advisory Board (Aufsichtsrat) and the Executive Board (Vorstand), which help to oversee operations. In the future, we also hope to form an Advisory Council (Beirat), composed of internal and external organizations that align with our values and provide extra guidance. 

The following members have been elected to serve on the executive and advisory boards:

Our Executive Board (Vorstand) 2022 – 2024

 Marie Populus

Sourcing, Finance & Environmental Sustainability    einkauf@supercoop.de

Johanna Kühner

Funding, PR & Store Design   johanna.kuehner@supercoop.de

Eugénie Wateau

Operations, Buying, IT & Accounting   eugenie.wateau@supercoop.de 

Jessica Pawlak

Community Building, Communications & Inclusion jessica.pawlak@supercoop.de

Our Advisory Board (Aufsichtsrat) 2020 – 2023

Felix Weth
Founder of Fairmondo (Social Enterprise & Platform Cooperative)

Dilara Erdem (Vice Chairwoman)

Claus Huth (Chairman)
Legal advisor & expert in corporate law

Ela Kagel
Digital strategist, org. developer, founder SUPERMARKT

Christophe Guené
International consultant for social banking

Working Groups 

When a member identifies a certain need at the co-op, they can make a proposal to form a working group via the Plenum. If the proposal gains support from the majority, then members can get started planning how to implement their ideas!  

Our core working groups include: Receiving and Stocking, Checkout (Kasse), Welcome Desk, Cleaning, Member Office and Team Leaders. Additional working groups include: Location & Equipment, IT, Accounting, Communications, Product Sourcing, and more! Participation in additional working groups typically does not (yet) count as a shift.

Interested? Join us! 

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