Achieving more together!

What have we achieved so far?

Together we have built a supermarket our community wants and needs: Fair shopping for our neighbors at affordable prices! Approximately 4,000 products from around 40 different suppliers can be purchased at SuperCoop, but our cooperative with around 1,300 members is so much more than just our favorite place to shop. It’s where we meet our neighbors, a gathering place for events and workshops, and where we get to learn about the work and people behind our food. 

What’s next for SuperCoop?

From the start it was clear that we wanted to quickly become a supermarket with a full-range assortment fit to meet all our daily needs–a goal we continue to work toward every day! A large product selection requires a large space and with it also come high costs for merchandise, rent and electricity. Nonetheless we made a conscious decision to keep our markup low so that products are not only fair, but affordable too. The combined effect of high costs, a low mark-up and the current number of members shopping at the coop is that our revenues are not yet able to cover the costs of our business.

In other words, we need further investment! Currently we estimate that €180,000 are needed to close the gap until we gain economic stability. These funds will be used to continue building up our cooperative and further expand our product range.

To meet this need, we will run a fundraising campaign with the goal of collecting €180,000 from September 12 to December 09, 2023. Contributions can be made by current members and newcomers too!


Here’s how:

for members

buy additional shares

Please print and fill out this registration form and send a scan to IMPORTANT: We unfortunately cannot accept digital signatures. The registration form can also be picked up at the coop during our opening hours (Mon – Sat, 9am – 8pm).


You can also support our cooperative financially with a loan of 500 € or more! Just write to and we will send you more information about the terms and conditions.

for newcomers*


You also want to buy good food at transparent prices in your own supermarket? Become an active member and buy one or more shares for 100 € (each). In this way you can strengthen the equity of the cooperative and as an active member you can shop and have a vote. Installment payments over a period of 2 years are possible.

The first step is to attend a Welcome Session so you can make a fully informed decision – it also counts as your first shift!


Want to support without being an active member? Become an investing member of our cooperative and buy one or more shares of 100 € (each). Note: An investing membership can be converted into an active membership at any time. 

To learn more, please see our statutes. To sign up, please fill out this registration form and send it to

*Please note: Organizations and companies can also participate and support us as members (investing or active). You can find more information HERE.

for all 


We need all hands on deck! It is more important than ever to tell others about our mission and inspire them. You can find texts, posters and flyers to spread the word HERE or pick up materials directly at the coop. 

Don’t forget: all are welcome to come by for a one-time test-purchase,  join us for our regular open house or attend a Welcome Session to learn more. See our events page for more details!

Want to support in another way?

Each and every one of us has our own, unique contribution to make, be it time, money, skills, knowledge, networks or … you fill in the blank! If you have more ideas about how you can contribute to our fundraising efforts, please write to us at

Want to learn more?

As our past challenges have always shown us, together we can achieve so much more than alone! With a community of roughly 800 members, we managed to raise xx to fund the renovation and expansion of our supermarket in 2022. Now we are a community of nearly 1,300 members and growing! To put that in perspective, if everyone were to contribute an average of €140, we would already cover our funding needs!

It’s time again to show the power of the people. Join us and invest in a future that prioritizes community, solidarity and good food at affordable prices!

Photo Credit: Andrea Zoltanetzky

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